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Our Covid-19 Booking Guarantee

To ensure that you feel reassured, safe and secure when placing your reservation for 2021 we’re pleased to be able to offer all bookings our ‘Covid-19 guarantee’, when you book onto Active Travel Camp.

Our Covid-19 booking guarantee means that if, within the 14 days prior to travel, your children cannot travel to Active Travel Camp due to COVID illness or restrictions, we will make alternative arrangements for your holiday or fully refund the monies paid.

Our guarantee will apply in the event of:

A national or local lockdown (in your locality or the Active Travel Camp you have booked) that prevents your child attending their holiday.

Self-isolation, as dictated by your government guidance, where your child or a member of your family is symptomatic, is diagnosed, or if you are required to isolate by track and trace.


We will guarantee that:

If a local lockdown is in effect at the centre you have booked, we will firstly work with you to move your booking to another Active Travel Camp location.

If we are not able to arrive at a suitable alternative arrangement, then we will refund all monies paid for your Active Travel Camp booking


What we require from you (at least one of the below):

Information from the your local Covid-19 app showing that your child/a member of your family has been requested to self-isolate

A doctors letter

A letter from school

A positive Covid-19 test result